Urbana, Ohio


Curtis Smith
  • 50+ years of experience
  • Commercial SEL and CFI Airplane and Instrument ratings
  • 1000+ hours in tailwheel planes

Curtis lives on Weller Airport (38I) near Urbana, Ohio with his Cub in a hanger next to his home. Weller is an FAA licensed airport with a 2500’ grass runway. He retired in 2015 after a 45 year career in public education.


N51534 is a 1943 J3-C65 built by Piper for the Army as an L4. It was sold to the civilian market in 1945 and registered as a J3-C65. It is a totally stock Cub with a 65 hp Continental but has 6” Cleveland wheels and disk brakes. Intercom, radio, and David Clarks for communication; feel free to bring your own headset.


$110/hr dual (wet); block time available @ $990/10 hrs. No solo available because of insurance, so the instructor has to be in the plane at all times. $50 dual in your plane. Tailwheel Endorsements generally take about 10 hours; Flight Reviews are usually 2 hours - 1 ground and 1 flying. We will primarily use nearby Mad River Airport and Grimes Field for instruction, generally departing from Weller. Both have very nice grass runways and Grimes also has hard surface. Dual in your plane will fly out of Grimes, which has a great cafe.

Services are presently limited to Tailwheel Endorsements and Flight Reviews. If you just want to go fly an hour or two for fun, we can certainly accommodate you.

Payment by check, cash, or credit card.



Please direct all inquiries to Curtis Smith

Phone: +1 (937) 504-2260